• Rent a villa: Take time to explore
    Rent a villa: Take time to explore
  • Safaris: Nature up close
    Safaris: Nature up close
  • River Cruising: the ultimate relaxed holiday
    River Cruising: the ultimate relaxed holiday
  • Relax in the country
    Relax in the country
  • Cities to explore
    Cities to explore
  • Open road:  Driving holidays
    Open road: Driving holidays
  • Hotels: Simple to palatial
    Hotels: Simple to palatial

Welcome to Custom Holidays

Making your holiday plans?


You deserve more of a holiday - let a trusted expert design you a holiday to remember:


paperwork frustration holiday planningAll the research, planning and finalizing is hard work – let us help. We’ll listen as you describe your dream holiday – and then actually plan it for you whilst getting the best value for your budget.


NEW! - check out our Friends & Family programme.


Need a holiday? Not much of one, is it, when you have to spend HOURS searching the internet, travel brochures and guide books?


  • Holidays should be special to you not just picked from a catalogue.
  • We relieve you of the frustration and tedium as we design the perfect holiday just for you.
  • We remove the stress, allow you more of a holiday, right from Day 1.
  • We make sure your holiday will be an experience to be treasured.

We do the plannng for you!


compass trans 500So we take on the research – of accommodation, flights, trains, car hire, things to do. You can sit back and relax - until we come up with a programme perfectly tailored for you. Great holidays are experiences to remember whether they be on land, river or sea; are shared with a loved one, a few friends or the entire family.


For many package holidays just don’t fit; they are too long, too short, too quick, too slow, too early too late. Our speciality is helping you travel how you want, stay where you want, do what you want.

People use our holiday planning service for many different reasons: busy lives, other priorities or not sure how to do the research are just a few.


Custom Holidays can provide services in just about anywhere in the world. Our favoured areas are:

The British Isles | Southern Europe|The Mediterranean |Africa | The Middle East | India | Southeast Asia | The Orient


How does it work?

All clients receive a FREE initial consultation, either face-to-face or over the telephone. It’s important for me to understand what you’re looking for from your holiday experience. And you also need to feel confident in my ability to understand your brief and deliver the service you’d expect. If you wish you can, in advance, fill out the Questionnaire as a basis for the free consultation.

How we plan your custom holiday easy steps


So what does the initial consultation involve?

We need to understand who is travelling and why; when they wish to travel and for how long; what sort of budget they have in mind; what accommodation they like, how busy they want their holiday to be.

From this initial consultation we can provide an outline itinerary designed to meet your requirements. The fee for this is $100.00


Having received the outline itinerary you have three options:


  • Option One: to use our outline plan and make all of your own reservations. No charge.
  • Option Two: have us prepare a more detailed day by day itinerary with specific service, internet contacts and how to book. We will provide this on payment of an additional fee – the precise amount would be quoted beforehand.
  • Option Three: have us reserve and operate the entire programme for you including all reservations, payments to suppliers, detailed day final itinerary. A price for this will be provided and the $100 original fee will credited to you. A payment schedule will be provided.


So all you have to do is look at our initial proposal and decide how you wish to proceed – then, if you wish, sit back, relax and let us do all the work...


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